FIFA – PE Assessment – UPDATE!

FIFA Gold Card PE

The ‘Gold Card’ tool will be used as a method to track progress from the start of the year through to the end. Pupils will complete peer and self-assessment sheets within lessons using an assessment matrix in order to construct a gold card for themselves and their peers.

Pupils will give themselves a score out of 10 for each of the 5 different sections on the card: Teamwork, Communication, Tactics, Technique/Performance, and Analysis of Performance.

The pupils will be given an assessment matrix which will show them what it takes to achieve a particular score in a particular category. Then under supervision from the teacher they will peer and self-assess using the PA/SA Worksheet. The teacher supervision and guidance is essential at this point, as most will like to give themselves 10 out of 10 for most areas. Ensure that they are assessing effectively using the criteria.

I am going to plan to incorporate one or two of the categories into the planning of each lesson. For example, in a lesson of handball the emphasis may be put on Teamwork and Communication. So the pupils will only self/peer-assess those two areas. This will allow for better reflection, rather than getting the pupils to assess all five areas in one lesson. FIFA Peer-Self
Once the pupils have given themselves a score out of 10 for each area, a total of all 5 will be calculated – (by simply adding them together) – to create a ‘player/pupil’ rating. This will be inserted in the box on the top left of the Gold Card.

Towards the end of the lesson or when the self/peer-assessment has finished, I will collect in all of the assessment sheets and this is when the time, effort, hard work starts. A digital version of each pupils Gold Card will be created, the gold card will include ‘pupil’s name’, ‘pupil’s year group’, ‘school logo i.e. club badge’, ‘attainment i.e. their five scores’, ‘player rating i.e. total of the five scores’ and finally after permission granted a ‘player profile picture’. This is an example of what one may look like when it’s complete.

Firth Example

Every time a lesson is finished that has used SA/PA the sheets must be collected in. A pupil’s Gold Card will be updated using their own scores, their peer’s scores and a teacher assessment. I am suggesting that three times a term would be a sufficient amount of time to allow the pupils to be engaged and also allow for time for teacher updates.

The next idea is for the pupils to be able to see their own and their peers’ Gold Cards online. I have a few ideas of which I am going to trial to see which is the most effective for this. The first one being to create a personalised website for the class, which only they will have access to, the second idea being – to create an Edmodo group that only the class can access, and the third being the use of a social media platform like Twitter for example.

My aim is for the pupils to be able to access their Gold Cards, so they can check their player ratings or improvement in certain areas or even progress throughout the year.

Alongside this tool, I plan on implementing a ‘League Table’ format, with each pupil representing a club within the league. Pupils will achieve points for themselves/their team for; good behaviour, high effort levels, teamwork, leadership, etc. League ExampleThese points will be called ‘Goals Scored’.(points similar to reward merits) It will also be possible for pupils to lose points, things such as; ‘inappropriate behaviour, kit faults, lack of effort, disruptions, etc’ will be tallied as ‘Goals Conceded’. Which will then give each pupil/team a ‘Goal Difference’ – Goal difference will equate to a certain amount of points and then the league will be constructed by points in descending order.

From this a ‘Player of the Month’ award will be rewarded. This pupil will be chosen by the teacher, taking into consideration the following things; Top of the league, best goal difference in the month, most points achieved or most improved. This will add an additional challenge and hopefully motivation during the lesson.

Similarly to the Gold Cards, this league will be updated and available for the pupils to view online. So they can monitor their progress and the progress of others in their class. I have thought about only showing the top 5 places in the league table online, as it could be de-motivating for those pupils to see themselves lower down the table.

The image above is an example of how I would use formulas in Excel to generate the data required for the league table.

I will then take the top 5 pupils – selected by total points and then insert them into a better designed interface, which will be visible online.League Table Ex 1

This being an example of what the pupils may see on the internet platform – replacing the ‘Pupil 13’ with pupil’s name.

So my next piece of work is to create the matrix which shows the pupils what a ‘1-10’ looks like, this is seemingly going to be the hardest part, but should be well worth the effort.


3 thoughts on “FIFA – PE Assessment – UPDATE!

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  2. This appears a lot of admin fella!
    Is it a lot?
    Does it take a lot of time out of a lesson?
    Does it recognise progress if you focus on 2 different things each assessment?
    How close is the peer and self assessment to your teacher assessment?
    Does it allow pupils to reflect on what they did to improve?
    How does the assessment relate to achieving the overall aims of PE? e.g leading a healthy active lifestyle?
    What happens if pupils have ‘a bad day’?!
    Is it standards referenced or standards based?
    I.e. Is it assessment of mastery?
    Would be good to discuss further when I am out there.


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