FIFA – Assessment without Levels!

So basically I have been toying with this idea for a long time. ‘Assessment without levels’ or ‘AWOL’ has provided me with the perfect opportunity to trial this concept with a group of students.

Essentially, I constantly hear KS3 Boys talking about computer games – every break time and after school, even within lessons references are made to their favourite games, particularly an old favourite of mine… FIFA!

So I’ve been thinking, how can I include concepts from EA SPORTS FIFA into my PE lessons. I’ve come up with two ideas; the first idea being a visual tool which pupils can see to check their attainment and progress. The second idea is to create a tool which pupils can use for peer and self-assessment.

IDEA ONE: Attainment and Progress

FIFA Player Web PE

This is one of the first concepts that I tried, I saw a number of versions of this idea on Twitter and became really interested in creating one for KS3 PE in particular. The ‘Red, Amber, Green’ theme represents ‘Emerging, Progressive, Competent’ – Three simple classifications that can be used by a teacher to assess a pupils learning/progress. The areas that I included where: Competition, Tactics/Strategy, Technique/Performance, Analysis of Performance, Teamwork/Problem-Solving. Points can be plotted on the chart and joined together to make a web.

Admittedly, this reminded me more of Pro Evolution Soccer or Football Manager with their ‘attribute webs’ but I like the idea. The problem here however is that criteria or descriptors would need to be created to illustrate what ‘Emerging – Teamwork/Problem-Solving’ looks like. Which could certainly be done, but would take lots of time and effort.

So I kept the ‘web’ idea and developed a new ‘Player Card’ idea.

FIFA Player Card PE

The ‘Player Card’ idea puts the attribute web in the top corner and gives them a score from /10 underneath. With ‘Emerging being 0-3, Progressive being 4-7, Competent being 8-10’ – so the pupils can see a graph which is generated by the numbers. The ‘Player Card’ idea includes a pupil photo, the school badge and the flag of the pupil’s nationality, with some fun facts and information underneath.

When showing this model to some of the pupils, they seemed to really like the way it looked. However, it still seemed quite far away from FIFA – the ideas where there but the image wasn’t. So I have decided to move onto a completely different approach.

FIFA Gold Card PE

I decided to search and find a template of a ‘Rare Gold Card’ which is used in the ‘Ultimate Team’ part of FIFA. Ultimate Team being a very popular part of the game which the pupils in my school seem to talk about, all the time! So the idea is to give each and every pupil from every class their own ‘Gold Card’ It would contain all the key information required – Name, Tutor Group, Picture (including the school logo and national flag), Attainment for each of the assessed areas. The areas I have decided to use are the same as above; Teamwork, Competition, Tactics, Analysis, Technique. These are all areas highlighted within the new PE curriculum, however this hasn’t taken into consideration the Social, Emotional and Cognitive aspects involved in our subject. Furthermore, descriptors or criteria would need to be designed to illustrate what a 2/10, 4/10, 10/10 looks like.

Although, when I showed this example model to a group of KS3 Boys – they were so excited and it really engaged them in discussion as to how it could be used in PE. Which was really positive!

So up until this point the ideas have been getting better however it would mean a lot of time and effort put in by the teacher, editing and amending the cards. I toyed with the idea of creating a shared document and allowing the pupils to edit these themselves, but the time this would take means reducing activity by quite a substantial amount, so I had to think differently.


FIFA Peer-Self

Sorry about the poor quality of this image, as its not the actual document – I haven’t got it on my phone. But its clear enough to see what it is.

I decided to use the Rare Gold Card template to create a Peer and Self-Assessment resource which can be used by the pupils. I have used this with a group of Year 8 Boys and they loved it. I told them to give themselves a simple score out of 10 for each area and then total the score out of 50. I plan on doing this with all of the KS3 Boys classes initially to experiment with the pupils interest. If it as successful as the first group with all groups, I will create an attainment matrix for KS3 for these areas and print it on the back of this sheet. Creating a really effective AfL resource that is relevant and interesting because of the FIFA theme.

I hope you will be inspired and like the idea that I have discussed, very much work in progress and lots to be done. However, on initial impressions it has really engaged some of the pupils, making them actually concerned about what they are attaining and what they need to improve on.

I would really appreciate your comments, thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “FIFA – Assessment without Levels!

  1. Looks excellent, topical and engages the students. Think it’s a brilliant idea and will try this myself. Any chance you could ping me your template? Happy to share resources I have if you need something.



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