About Me

Hi, I am Nathan Walker – a secondary school trained PE teacher with a responsibility for KS3 PE at my current school. I have experience of teaching PE in the UK, the Middle East and South East Asia. This page is here to show you a little bit about my philosophy and my passion for Physical Education. If you would like to know more, please feel free to email: nwalkerpe@gmail.com or you could tweet me at @NWalkerPE. Thanks for reading.

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8 Steps to Success in PE

The above are 8 principles that I try to make an integral part of my everyday teaching. I truly believe that this is a recipe for real impact. PE is such a powerful subject that is crucial in the development of the whole child and so, it is essential that we follow these steps to provide each and every child with high-quality PE. Let’s create lifelong, memorable experiences and instil a love for movement.