About Me

Hi, I am Nathan Walker – a secondary school trained PE teacher with a responsibility for KS3 PE at my current school. I have experience of teaching PE in the UK, the Middle East and South East Asia. This page is here to show you a little bit about my philosophy and my passion for Physical Education. If you would like to know more, please feel free to email: nwalkerpe@gmail.com or you could tweet me at @NWalkerPE. Thanks for reading.

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8 Steps to Success in PE

The above are 8 principles that I try to make an integral part of my every day teaching. I truly believe that this is a recipe for real impact. PE is such a powerful subject that is crucial in the development of the whole child and so, it is essential that we follow these steps to provide each and every child with high quality PE. Let’s create lifelong, memorable experiences and instill a love for movement.